Catch Your Pokemon Without Smartphone: (Pokemon GO plus)

Every internet user know about Pokemon Go. This game breaks all records of gaming world(I am little bit worry about Candy Crush).

My this blog is for pokecatchersssss,

As you know, to play Pokemon Go you need smartphone and you have to search for pokemon but now don’t worry  no need to take your smartphone in hands. They launched one cool device name as Pokemon GO Plus …..enjoy Pokemon GO while you are on the move and not looking at your smartphone. Actually it is a ware-able gadget like hand band just tie on hand and catch your pokemon.

This device connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and it is available on ecommerce websites.

How it works:

The Pokemon GO plus will begin to blink and vibrate when you are in range of pokestop. It will also flash and vibrate when you pass a pokestop. Then press device button to search pokestop for item. And catch your pokemon. After pressing button they’ll immediately be added to your  inventory. If you successfully catch the pokemon then also device will be vibrate.

Smartphone’s Requirements:


compatible with iPhone  5/ 5c/ 5s/ SE/ 6/ 6s/ 6plus/ 6splus/ 7/ 7plus devices with iOS ver.


Compatible with android devices that have 2 GB RAM or more with android ver 4.4 to 6.0 installed. Bluetooth smart (Bluetooth ver 4.0 or higher) is required to use Pokemon GO plus.

So catch your pokemons but remember


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NOTE: Some content of blog is given from official website of Pokemon GO.

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