Multiple Port USB Charging Station

September 18, 2016
Multiple Port USB Charging Station | Useful Gadget

Hey  readers,

So my this blog is about simple but one of the wonderful and ofcource useful gadget. Multiple port USB charging station( I know you read title…LoL). This is a simple gadget but many peoples don’t have any information about this gadget.

But don’t worry your GeekyPie always available with new data.

Smartphones, smart watches, tablets, fitness trackers, and all our other gadgets leave us burdened with multiple chargers and so much clutter. Liberate  your outlets and charge all your devices with a single plug. We all have multiple devices to charge every day, and that number is only going up. If you use the individual charger that comes with each device,  is a west of time.

This gadget is available with 5 ports, 7 ports to 12 ports also. Now a days charging station is also came with 3.0 slots it helps for faster charging of your device. This gadget easily available on E-Commerce websites with low cost and different designs. But make sure the gadget is UL certified. Saving $10 on a charger isn’t worth the risk of fire.

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  1. Its wonderful.... its helps to make life easier..

  2. thankss prashik..... keep in touch


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