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For Music lovers,  this device is party…

I know you are get boring with your regular music devices but now  I got something for you.  Wireless Bluetooth Floating Levitating Speaker is a super cool music device solution for house party.

It is metallic with inbuilt magnet and most amazing thing is speaker float in air with the help of magnet. You can play the music on smart phone/tablet, the music will be audible from the bluetooth speaker orb. It can easily be paired with smart phone/tablet automatically. Give your ears a soothing and lavish hearing with this portable levitating speaker.

The floating speaker is a metallic island that fits easily in your palm. It has a mic, for making conference calls, and a micro-USB port, which connects to the USB slot on the slightly larger circular base for charging. You can connect via Bluetooth from up to 33 feet away for up to 12 hours of playtime. The device is available on e-commerce sites  with affordable price. (click here)


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This is all about Floating Levitating Speaker but if you want to know more about this types of speaker then go to www.Reviews.com they cover top 10 best Bluetooth speakers. I am sharing the link go through it(https://www.reviews.com/best-bluetooth-speakers/).

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  1. Nice blog..
    Amazing device.. it will give a new trend to music & i like its look.

  2. NIce blog..
    Amazing device..it will give a new trend to music & i like its looks

  3. woww .... something new
    future of music...!!

  4. Saurabh bhau when the latest updates is coming in the gadgets so upload it

  5. something new....
    future of music

  6. NICE TECH ....
    Congrats on your new blog.......


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