What Happens If Your Suitcase Will Be Your Travel Assistant?(Bluesmart’s Carry On Luggage):

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Everybody likes travelling with family and friends, visit new places, new people. The main part of travelling is how you carry your luggage. Many people lost their bags on tour the problem is happened with me also and nothing can ruin a trip like losing your luggage. I got solution for this(as always), Bluesmart’s carry on luggage……. The future of travelling bags.

Its  your private travel assistant, you can connect wirelessly to smartphone  with Bluesmart app and control from phone. You can lock your suitcase via smartphone it will lock automatically. The lock is travel sentry approved and accepted by the TSA(Transportation Security Administration).  This suitcase have ability to weight itself. One of the useful feature of Carry On Luggage is it will charge your USB device such as mobile(No need to carry power bank). And the last but most important is built-in location tracker(smile on your face) you can track your suitcase by smartphone. Bluesmart app also gives details about your travel data.

Bluesmart’s carry on luggage works on charging, without charging you can not use this feature. The suitcase is cool in look  and it is lightweight. The grip of rubber is nice and it comes with four wheels for easy rolling.

Really cool suitcase and its time to show off on your next trip.

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