GPS In Your Shoes: (Lechal smartshoes)

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In my last blog I wrote about Bluesmart’s carry on luggage which can be your personal assistant.

Now I got another cool gadget which is smarter than smarter LECHAL smartshoes made in India by Ducere Technologies.

Think GPS is enable in your shoes and it will help you to reach your destiny.
Yessss its true…. Lechal shoes provide this cool specification. The meaning of Lechal (Le-chal)  is take me along (hindi phrase).

If you are new in any area or you are travelling then it is difficult to always keep your eyes on Google map. Lechal smartshoes is solution for this….

Lechal is Bluetooth enable device it will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Company provide app for Lechal, you can handle your shoes using this.

This app is directly connected to Google map you have to set your destination in this app and Lechal will help you to reach this. The shoe will vibrate to notify users when and where to turn by buzzing in your left or right shoe to let you know the right direction. Buzzing right shoe means to hang a right and buzzing left shoe means to go the another way.

The shoes is also alert you the distance of your phone from your shoes. Lechal will also show you the record of your fitness such as tracking steps and calories burned of your body. You can use this shoes on workout, morning walk or running.

Lechal has rechargeable battery into the back of the insole of the shoes. I never saw fancy  charger like this before….. this interactive charger designed to give audio feedback as to its charging levels when you snap your fingers.

This shoes is very useful for travelers, joggers and mountain bikers they can just set their destination in smartphone and enjoy their ride.

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