Denim Jacket with Internet connection? | Jacquard :

Some of you might know project jacquard… No?
Don’t worry I am here J. Actually Jacquard is project of Levi’s and Google. Yes!! Last year (2017) this both companies collaborate and they design one denim jacket which having style of Levi’s and technology of Google. But in last week this jacket comes again in trending because of its new update. Jacket has some cool features and now you can also track your Uber Cab using this. You cannot book Cab with the help of jacket it only help for tracking your booked cab.

Connectivity is made possible through Jacquard Threads and embedded electronics. The conductive metal alloys used are incredibly thin, so they can be combined with a variety of natural and synthetic fibers. Jacquard textiles are created to be an integral part of an overall product design process, allowing for highly reliable integration with embedded electronics. And, of course, you can wash them just like any of your other clothes. (But not more than 10 times)

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There are limited features but all are useful,
Denim jacket connects and start functioning through Android/ iOS app and user can access using app also. You can communicate using this jacket, Handle calls and texts without handling your phone. Jacket will navigate you so stay focused on where you are going, not your screen. You can play music on voice command and also change track and music list. But with the ride-sharing support, it seems that Google wants to make the jacket more functional in general.

The price of jacket is 350$ and if you are geek or tech guy then you can try it and also you are traveler and ride with your bike on new places so it will surely help you.
What do you think about this product tell me in comment box also tell me which feature you like most.
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  1. This jacket looks cool, will be great if you can drop purchase link too.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Puja and it is available on only few Levi's store and

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