Facebook’s Three New Features Will Come to India First | Facebook:

Facebook is launching their new feature about stories, which will roll out Indian market first before they launch for rest of the world. The social media giant facebook focusing on their camera app, which is embedded into the main app. The new features will let users Save Stories, give them the option of sharing ‘Audio’ Stories, and the option to create an archive of their past Stories. I think Facebook has got its idea from WhatsApp, which has an Audio Messages feature that is quite popular in India. Stories will be option to save photos and videos for later using facebook camera. New one is now you can share Voice Note in your stories. Update is only for Android users there is no information on when the feature is rolled out to iOS users.
1.   Voice Posts:
     Voice Posts will let users share an Audio message in their Facebook Story. Facebook revealed that people were share through audio already like covering their phone camera with their finger when taking a video and just recording the audio to share. But now user can share voice note in their facebook stories using Record audio option on facebook camera. They can further customise it with a background colour, image and sticker of their choice. Users can post voice posts on Stories of up to 20 seconds and it is also helpful for low data usage.

2.     Save Photos and Videos for later:

Facebook users will now be able to save the photos and videos taken through Facebook camera to the social networking platform and visible only when user login into account. Users will see a new ‘Save’ button at the bottom of their Story after their have recorded the video or taken the picture, via the Facebook camera. Users can share these saved Stories later on as well.  The feature is quite similar to Snapchat’s where users can save their photos to the app and is visible only to them.
3.     Archive Stories:
Facebook now allows user to save their stories even after 24 hours. Users will get an option whether they want to archive Stories and reshare them. When you post something in stories it is disappear after 24 hour but now you can still find it in your Stories Archive if you have Archive turned on. This feature is already available on instagram.

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