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We all know smartphones are the future of human life and maybe they will become our computers because they are easy to carry and compact. So as a blogger we should use them properly for our blogging work also. There are many apps available on the internet but we cannot try all of them. Don’t worry I got some useful apps for you that will help you to manage your blog.

1. Blogger/WordPress app:

These are two main platforms mostly used for blogging in the world and both apps have their official app. You can publish new posts and edit old posts without a computer. This will come really useful when you are on travel. Also, you can view your statistics and traffic on the app. on the play store you will find many apps for Blogspot but I suggest you, use only official blogger app.

2. Google Adsense Android app:

Earning is one of the main factors of blogging and the Adsense app is helpful for seeing your estimated earning. You will get all features of the desktop version of Google Adsense on Android app like CPC, CTR, etc.

3. Google Analytics:   

You can track the traffic coming to your blog with this tool Google Analytics provided by Google. It will help you to view real-time analytics, audience location, goal conversions, and behavior of your audience which is very useful. This useful feature will help you to plan ahead and improve your site traffic.

4. Evernote:

We need short notes for a quality blog and it is impossible to carry a pen, paper to write the ideas. Evernote is the app where you can save your ideas and short notes. You can create a checklist, also can do some writing stuff here.

5. Buffer (social media management):

Staying active on social media will improve your fan engagement rate and also attract new fans to your blog. Buffer is the app designed to manage your social media accounts, you can schedule your post of social media on the buffer. Also, it will help you to keep your accounts with fresh content and regular updates.

6. Pocket:

The pocket app allows you to save posts you want to read or videos you want to watch later with no internet connection. You can save articles from different blogs and sites including Twitter and read it in your free time.   

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