July 17, 2020
GeekyPie is a technology and computer resource site, founded by Saurabh Mangar. The main gole of GeekyPie is to provide information and updates about technology and gadgets. If you want to update in IT sector then must follow GeekyPie.com

Man Behind GeekyPie:

saurabh Saurabh Mangar, the mind behind GeekyPie.com. He is an amateur blogger started blogging at the age of nineteen and GeekyPie is his first blog. He is the student of Computer Science and Engineering and he likes to know about new technologies. He just want to share his knowledge by his blog.

Saurabh is a simple and fun-living guy he likes reading books, playing video games, drawing sketches. He thinks  blogging is one of the best platform to share your knowledge because, now a days people are adopting internet lifestyle.

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